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Tenga Luxury Flip Hole
Tenga Luxury Flip Hole
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The completely unique Tenga Flip Hole is a Japanese creation that's revolutionizing masturbation for male pleasure seekers everywhere. First off, the flip Hole was specifically designed to be used solo (although you can certainly hand it off to your playmate if the mood should strike), and the sleek, handheld design shows the effort that went into making the Flip Hole user-friendly. Contained in an innocent looking canister holder, you could leave this toy anywhere without arousing suspicion. When you slide the top off, you're faced with a super soft, nondescript opening that from first glance, begs to be penetrated. Although you won't have to open up your Flip Hole until you're satisfied and sated, you'll want to admire the completely mind blowing texture that you're about to experience before putting it to the physical test. The inner sleeve is a soft, hygienic TPR silicone material and you won't believe the many layers of nubs, ribs, flaps, waves, bumps and other indescribable textures that wait for you once you slide past the tight entrance. To make these orgasmic textures work for you even more, you can adjust how tightly the inner walls grip you by pressing the 3 white buttons on the soft sides of Flip Hole, bringing stimulation closer. Since this masturbator was built to flip open easily, clean up is a breeze, just open up, clean the inner sleeve well with mild soap and water or a good toy cleaner, and then leave it open to dry completely before storing it away on the self contained case.
Along with the Flip Hole, you get 3 types of Tenga lube to try out, called Mild, Real and Wild, each has it's own feel so you can customize your pleasure even more. Mild has a thicker formula, Real is thin and the closest to natural lubrication, while Wild has a warming, tingly mentholated formula. Regardless of what brand of lube you choose to use, be sure to pick a good silicone compatible water-based formu

  • Length - 6 3/4"
  • Girth - 9 1/4" around (with casing)
  • Width - 3.1" at widest (with casing)
  • Material - Silicone based TPR, plastic
  • Special Features - Sleek, self contained, adjustable, multi-textured, lube included
  • Color - Black, clear
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