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Nipple Clamps with case
Nipple Clamps with Case
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These advanced tools are definitely made to be noticed, both in terms of looks and function- they hold the nipples tight and very securely, and stay in place remarkably well,  through flicking, tugging and normal movement during playtime.
A versatile, unique design uses a rhinestone-ended crossbar that pulls apart, and re-attaches magnetically once placed over the peak of the nipple. Reviewers have noted that the nipple will need to be erect for easier application, so use whatever means necessary to prime them up first. Once in place, the clamps hang on tight for a stimulating pressure that's been described as quite intense, and probably more suited to experienced users.  If you're a fan of temperature play, these are definitely for you, steel is very sensitive to temperature, aside from naturally warming with body heat, and retaining that heat for long periods of time, you'll also be able to cool it dramatically, just pop in the fridge before using, or place in warm or cool water. 
The nonporous surface cleans easily and can be completely sterilized if need be, soap and water or a good toy cleaner works just fine for everyday cleaning, but you'll also be able to wipe down with a bleach solution, or place in boiling water. There's very little maintenance required with steel toys, care should be taken not to scratch the surface with abrasive surfaces or cleaners, but that's about all you'll need to worry about. In terms of lubricants, anything goes with steel, you'll be able to use your favorite oil, water or silicone based formulas, and as a bonus, you'll find that a little lube goes a very long way. Your Nipple Clamps will come to you  in a sturdy, travel friendly foam-lined storage case, which helps protect your toys and keep things clean until the next use.

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